Tony Lucca Cutrono

California-based installation artist

April 29, 2013 9:55 pm
Pallet chair I made, finally getting back in the woodshop

Pallet chair I made, finally getting back in the woodshop

June 11, 2012 1:58 am

Second set of photos from quarter - long installation, Systems, 2012. Patched wall with new dry wall and posted full size prints of building framework on opposite wall.

1:45 am

First set of photos from final independent study, Systems, 2012. Blueprinting of floors and display of diagrams, photos, and graphs that create a new system, in the area where another system or framework has been exposed.

Second photo set will be up soon.

1:32 am

More photos from quarter - long independent study, building of 5 2x4 frames based on inner framework of building, and gridding off of floor.

More photos to come

1:21 am

Collaborative work with Kyle McKinley. Circular tables used for Your Turn exhibition at the Museum of Art History, Santa Cruz; also made for Social Practice Research Group at UC Santa Cruz.

1:14 am

Untitled (Rooftops),2012 - Installation featured in Art to the Max show ,May 2012.

Interactive installation based on form and structure of rooftops of building.

Part of 2x4 series

1:03 am

First photos from quarter - long independent study, removing the dry wall from corner of the studio - 2012

More photos to come

12:45 am

Studio Spiral Staircase (II),2012 - Exploring purely the form of the spiral staircase in a “non-functional” setting, as it interacts with the studio space.

Part of the 2x4 series

12:30 am

Studio Spiral Staircase, 2012- Further investigation into the way people interact with spaces around them, specifically the studio. Viewers were encouraged to climb the staircase and experience the studio from the balcony, which was installed 9 1/2 feet above the ground.

Part of the 2x4 Series

12:17 am

Some fun with 2x4s, playing with different forms and repetition. Metal is taken from chair legs, and re-purposed.

Part of the 2x4 series